Arranging a safe visit

When it comes to renting a room, you should always be careful with the people and processes involved.

You are offering a room

The first thing to be careful with, is how to keep in touch with the person. Always choose the Roomgo’s inbox to communicate with other members. If the user insists on making contact away from our website, we suggest you to report the user to our Customer Service in order for us to verify if the user is genuine or if there is something suspicious.

It is advised to  meet the person somewhere public before showing your room. This way you will be able to talk personally with the person and get to know more about them. Only schedule a visit once you feel secure with the person.

When you decide to allow the person to visit the room, it would be better if you manage to schedule the visit at a time  when all the other flatmates are home for two reasons: you will have people at your place, which makes you more secure and also you show that you rent the room seriously and there are other people renting your rooms already. In case you are the only one living in the house, invite a friend or someone to be with you at home to make sure that you are safe.   

Never send any document containing  personal information to the person.

We also strongly suggest you to come up with a  rent contract covering the whole agreement and renting policies.

You are looking for a room

Either you are looking for a room or offering a room, the golden rule is to always keep all of your communications through the Roomgo inbox. Never allow exchanges via your private email inbox.

If the landlord asked for  documents information, said being abroad, or asked to send money to secure the room, you should definitely report the user so that we can verify if the they are genuine or not. Most importantly, never send money or sign a contract if you haven’t viewed the room.

When visiting a new place, we advise you to make sure to use  common sense for your own safety; do not hesitate to bring a friend with you at the viewing and inform members of your entourage where you are going.

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